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Updates from Buzzard Beach
Well I'm here after all.  2006 has been an eventful year and it isn't over yet! In fact, I feel that  this journey really started 3 years ago when I first met Jenny, and left the comfort of working at Satcom. What looked like great shot at a union job as a technician on a large Natural Gas Pipeline, dried up in a corporate sale and restructure.  I then found myself on a job hunt that lasted another two and a half years. Our quest even included a stint for me as a prison guard at the minimum security facility called Coyote Ridge in East Central Washington State. I also did some serious travel time sub-contracting back to Satcom.
In the mean time, Jenny got 2 years of teaching under her belt in Connell. Just as we were planning our wedding and moving back to Jenny's ranch near Deer Park, I was suddenly juggling 5 separate job opportunities!  In the mix, Jenny landed a new Science position at an alternative high school with the Spokane School District. My most lucrative opportunity caused us to back up our wedding date from the 2nd of July to the 22nd. But thanks to all the support from family and friends, it all fell into place and we had a great wedding. As it turned out, that job was more "vapor work" after all, since the company failed to win the contingent  contract  with the Army. 
Fortunately, before that came to pass, I had already accepted my current position with Lockheed Martin ALC, and that is what has brought me to the UAE. I have therefore returned to my former Air Force vocation; teaching the F-16 electrical systems. After tours and training at the F-16 plant in Fort Worth and at an ANG base inTucson AZ, I now find myself separated from my new wife and family catching up on lost time in the world of military fighter aircraft maintenance. Not to mention a totally new culture and climate here in the depths of the middle east. These website pages will serve as my journal and my link home.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy,